10Pack Mumsbest Unpaper Towels Household Cleaning Washable Reusable Cloth Towel


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5 types for choose:

material:1 layer birdeye fabric                                            size:30*40cm

              1 layer Cotton Printed+ 1 layer birdeye fabric            20*40cm

              1 layer pineapple fabric                                              30*40cm

              1 layer Cotton Printed + 1 layer pineaple fabic         20*40cm

              1 layer fannel fabric                                                   25*25cm

  • Mumsbest Unpaper Towels kind to the environment. No chemicals, no landfill. Made from natural, sustainable materials
  • it is the perfect gift for interior lovers and those passionate about the environment. With a clean, striking package and unique, modern colors, our wash cloths will complement your home.