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Organic cotton cloth diaper


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Pocket cloth diaper 

Outer: PUL/TPU waterproof

Inner: organic cotton

it is softer and light-hearted than suede inner, super suitable for summer day!



This time we've added a PUL waterproof layer to the original base, which prevents urine from leaking into the baby's navel and prevents moisture.

Organic cotton diapers are paired with a new diaper pad, one in the shape of an 8 and one in the shape of a long strip, both with three layers of bamboo cotton and a layer of gripper fabric, very soft and comfortable, very good water absorption!

1Pack Organic Cotton includes:

Organic cotton cloth diaper

8 shape diaper insert

Regular diaper insert

Mumsbest cotton bag

3Pack organic cotton includes

3Pcs organic cotton cloth diaper

3Pcs 8 shape diaper insert

3Pcs regular diaper insert

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