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This series of cloth diaper's story

It happened from 17th, Nov.We found that my friend's child was admitted to the hospital and was covered with tubes, and the doctor was rescuing him. This caught my attention. I found out that her child has been admitted to the hospital since November 12. What is the reason? It turned out that an adult kissed Kloie. You must ask, kiss? Yes, it is a kiss, a kiss from an adult. So we started to heighten this matter and launched a series of investigations, only to discover that this is a deadly potential danger to the baby.
A few days ago, an American baby girl who was born 6 days ago was kissed by her relatives and was admitted to the hospital with a high fever. After 18 days of rescue, she still left us.
This is a heartbreaking story.
Today, it is still happening. why? Because we don't value it, we don't understand it. The cause of kissing the baby's sickness is a cystic virus. For adults, this virus is not fatal, but for children with low immunity, they are fatal.
So we designed five-pocket diapers through this matter, the theme is-Don't Kiss me! And promised that for every diaper sold for Don't Kiss Me series, we will donate 0.1 $ to the treatment of these children!
Spreading the love to the world! Mumsbest

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