Little Printer

Little Printer
We are so glad to show the second design to our friends,let’s talk about the story behind these amazing design,which around the theme”The Kid’s Gift”!

Believe it or not, the design is inspired by a 4-year-old girl. Yes, our designer is a little girl who painting by herself with the help of her art teacher. As a young painter, her paintings always full of imagination and childlike. So why not take a bit of time to enjoy these fun pictures?

The first picture is" Hedgehog and Berries". A happy hedgehog eating the berries he collected under the sun. How lovely the picture is! Let's come to the red one. Can you guess what the red balls are? They're red lanterns which is a unique culture from china. In a quite snow night, only the red light from the lanterns illuminate the sky and the falling snow, peace and love.

Every child is the gift from the god. Each of them have a kind of talented since born. Maybe he/she is good at soccer. Or he/she has a good voice. Children will bring many happiness to the family. I believe you'll love them very very much even they don't show any talented. They always the best. They are the angels. The thing we need to do is believe them and support them.

we'll organize an activity soon ,"little Painter". for your children. Next designer maybe is your kids as he/she's painting will appear in the cloth diaper. We need you! Join us, have fun with your little angle together.

  • Nov 18, 2019
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