Reusable VS Disposal

Reusable VS Disposal
In August of this year, China officially announced regulations on garbage sorting, which were implemented in several major cities in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong, and extended to neighboring cities. Today, Hangzhou is also honored to join the ranks. Maybe you will say that in our country, a ban on plastics has begun. Yes, we cannot deny that in this respect, as a developing country, China is slowly trying to keep up with the pace of the world. From planting trees in our desert to sorting garbage, every step, we are heading towards a better world.

So today we will talk about a never-ending topic, cloth diapers and disposable diapers.

As a new industry---cloth diapers, although there are already many brands on the market, there is a certain popularity, but the popularity of disposable diapers, such as Pampers, curiosity and so on, is still higher than us.

So why? There are some solutions that they dont want to use cloth diaper.

1: they don't have a washing machine.
2: The upfront cost is overwhelming,
3: their child care provider does not allow them to do this:
4: their partner is not willing to deal with them.
5: The need to use a washing machine and dryer may be the biggest obstacle to using a cloth diaper. Even if you live in an apartment building with a laundry room, it is easy to imagine other tenants oppose sharing the machine with the diaper. The service of picking up a dirty diaper and bringing you a stack of clean diapers is expensive and difficult to arrange.(Quote--Quartz)

However, according to several surveys, it is found that more and more mothers are more willing to choose cloth diapers, not only because of his environmental protection, but also because he is really easy to use.

1) Never let your baby red ass, more skin-friendly.
2) A variety of patterns can meet the needs of mothers.
3) Save money and save more money in one year.
4) The most important thing is --- environmental protection, which complements our big ideas---Create a better life!

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